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Track Record of Success Since 1971, Admiral Environmental Services has successfully assisted hundreds of Illinois industries achieve compliance with Federal, State, and Local environmental laws. Click below to read about just three of our many successes:

Admiral clients include facilities of all sizes - from divisions of Fortune 500 companies to small, family-owned businesses.

50+ Year Focus. Because we've remained focused on our core expertise of environmental compliance for over 50 years; our organizational knowledge, annual compliance services, and problem solving ability is second to none and is highly valued by our long-term clients. Even companies with full time environmental personnel seek our insight about compliance practices.

Regulatory Expertise. Admiral's experienced staff has an average of over 25 years of extensive history in industry and the environmental field.

We understand the regulatory specifics and nuances of the Federal and Illinois EPA, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, many local wastewater regulatory agencies, Chicago and Cook County. We are also familiar with many of the inspectors and contacts at these agencies so we can effectively advocate on our clients' behalf.

Long-Term Relationships. Many of our client relationships span decades which we believe is indicative of the expertise and value we bring as they continue to grow and expand their operations.

As an independent environmental consulting and engineering firm, we're here to help you. So, if you have an environmental compliance issue (or think you might have an environmental compliance issue) why not tap into an organization that has done nothing but successfully resolve environmental compliance issues for over 49 years. Again, we're here to help.

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