Chemical Inventory Report: Tier 2

Tier Two Hazardous Chemical Inventory Report

Under SARA Title III, Emergency Right-to-Know Act, an important annual reporting deadline is approaching. By March 1, owners or operators of facilities that have hazardous chemicals on hand in quantities equal to or greater than set threshold levels must submit the Tier Two report. The forms are submitted to the local fire department and to the County and State Emergency Planning Agencies.

The Illinois EPA requires using their online reporting software. They have sent Passwords and User IDs to all who have filed in the past. However, they still require that paper copies be submitted to local agencies.

NEW JANUARY 2009 There are two new required fields in the Illinois online reporting form. One identifies the facility's local fire department. The other new entry is for NAICS number to replace the SIC code.

In addition, the City of Chicago now requires a more detailed emergency preparedness diagram. Their new ordinance also has recordkeeping requirements and establishes that Chicago can inspect and enforce Tier 2 reporting.

These forms have taken on increased importance in recent years an many local fire departments are updating their records to document the amount of extremely hazardous substances stored in nearby facilities. In addition, county emergency response agencies, through coordinated efforts with local fire departments are upgrading sophisticated emergency response plans to handle major chemical spills and releases in their areas.

Common chemicals such as ammonia, freon, gasoline, fuel oil, and sulfuric acid in fork lift batteries are frequently overlooked by facilities, but are subject to reporting. Many companies have been fined by the U.S. EPA for failing to report these materials.

Our professional staff is available to assess your situation and to prepare the necessary reports. We have considerable experience in preparing these reports for industry.

If you would like our assistance, or copies of the blank forms, please contact us.

Jill Meyer, PE
Environmental Engineer

P.S. The Illinois EPA demands that the Tier 2 form must be used instead of the Tier 1.

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