Chicago Liquid Waste Annual Fee

The City of Chicago has Form LW for the annual fee on the generation of liquid wastes.

The fee applies to facilities that generate 360 gallons or more per year of liquid "special waste", as defined by the Illinois EPA. The fee is 2.5 cents per gallon of liquid waste that is hauled.

Please note that not all liquid wastes are subject to the fee. There are some important exemptions, such as used oil and wastes that are reclaimed. The City requires documentation to prove those exemptions.

An annual report must be submitted to the City along with the fee. The fee payment is due January 31, for the prior year.

Even if you are not required to pay a fee, you must still submit a report to the City if you generated any liquid special waste during the year.

Admiral Environmental Services can help you determine if your facility is subject to the fee. We can also prepare the annual report.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Philip A Twomey, PE

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