The Illinois EPA has initiated a new air permitting program for Smaller Sources. The program is called ROSS, which stands for the Registration of Smaller Sources.

Under this program, facilities that currently have Lifetime Operating Permits and emit small amounts of air pollution are likely eligible to register as a “Smaller Source”.

  • Registered Smaller Sources are no longer required to have an Illinois EPA air permit.
  • No longer required to obtain a construction permit to add new equipment (as long as potential to emit does not increase over major source thresholds).
  • In addition, they are no longer required to complete the Annual Emission Report
  • An annual fee of $235 will still be due.

The Illinois EPA mailed out information and the registration form to facilities they believe to be eligible in January 2012. Your facility may be eligible but not in the initial mailing. We know that many companies were mistakenly left off the mailing because they were regulated as a NESHAP source.
Registration should be competed prior to the next due date of the facilitiy's annual permit fee. This is not an optional registration. If your facility is eligible, you must register.
Admiral can complete the registration form for you, which includes the calculation of annual emissions to certify eligibility. This will be an annual registration requirement.

If you would like Admiral to evaluate your operation to determine the applicability under this regulation, please give me a call. You can also contact me at Todd@Admiralenv.com.

Todd P. Hedlund
Environmental Engineer

PS: Registration under this program is mandatory for eligible sources. The intent of the program is to free up the Illinois EPA manpower and resources to focus on the big emitters in the state, and not on the smaller sources.

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