The Illinois EPA requires that industrial wastewater treatment systems be operated under the direct field supervision of a licensed Class K Operator. If you are located with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, they enforce this requirement for all Significant Industrial Users.

To obtain the Class K license, a system operator must pass a certification examination. The Illinois EPA gives the Class K exam several times during the year at various locations.

Class K Examination

The Class K exam includes essay questions that pertain directly to your treatment system, and multiple-choice questions on basic wastewater mathematics.

Essay Section: The essay portion of the exam accounts for 80% of the exam grade. The applicant is required to draw a detailed flow schematic diagram and to answer a variety of questions regarding facility wastewater sources, treatment principles, solids handling procedures, effluent monitoring and reporting requirements, laboratory techniques, record keeping, and more.

Mathematics Section: The math section of the exam is comprised of four questions that account for 20% of the exam grade. These questions cover items such as the calculation of flow rates, treatment efficiencies, and wastewater loadings.

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