The deadline for submitting the 2012 Annual Emission Report to the Illinois EPA is May 1, 2013. This report is required of all facilities in Illinois that have an air permit, whether they are covered by a Lifetime Operating Permit, a FESOP, or a Title V CAAPP Permit.

What are the advantages of having Admiral complete your Annual Emission Report?
Admiral is the leader in Illinois EPA air compliance and reporting issues in the Chicago area. In the last 20 years, Admiral has completed more than 1,500 Annual Emission Reports for companies of all sizes and all industries. This makes Admiral uniquely qualified to prepare your facility's report.

When Admiral completes an Annual Emission Report, the client is getting much more than just the preparation of the paperwork. With so much experience, Admiral engineers are able to identify many potential opportunities and issues for the facility when preparing the report. Some examples may include:

  • Permit limitations that are close to being exceeded and should be revised before a violation occurs
  • Exempt emission units that can be removed from the permit, or in some cases, entire sources that do not require a permit
  • Other applicable air regulations, such as coating VOM limitations, that the facility should be aware of and monitor
  • Opportunities to reduce permitting burdens, such as downsizing from a Title V to a FESOP Permit, or from a FESOP to a Lifetime Operating Permit
  • Eligibility for the new ROSS program, whereby the facility would no longer need an air permit or be required to file the Annual Emission Report
  • Alerts on upcoming renewal deadlines for FESOP and Title V permits
  • Unpermitted equipment that should be added to the permit
  • Early detection of noncompliance issues so they can be quickly corrected

Please call us and let our experience make a difference for you.

Todd P. Hedlund

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