Under various sections of SARA Title III, the Community Right-to-Know Act, owners and operators of regulated facilities must identify and report on hazardous chemicals stored onsite and on the use and release into the environment of a wide range of toxic chemicals commonly used in industry. As experts in industrial environmental compliance, Admiral has the industry expertise and practical experience to:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your facility to identify the storage, use, and release of hazardous or toxic chemicals – if any;
  • Determine if Tier II Emergency & Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form, or the Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) Report, Form R reports are even required; and
  • Cost-effectively and accurately complete the forms, if necessary.

With a desire to ensure that no more reporting is completed than what’s required, Admiral has extensive experience and know-how to assist clients through their hazardous/toxic chemical compliance needs.

Stored Hazardous Chemicals
Specifically, facilities that have hazardous chemicals on hand in quantities equal to or greater than established threshold levels must submit either a Tier I or Tier II report form. The forms must be submitted to the facility’s local fire department to assist in an emergency response action, if needed, and to county and state emergency planning agencies. These forms have taken on increased importance as many local fire departments are updating their records to document the amount of extremely hazardous materials stored in their response area. In addition, county emergency response agencies, through coordinated efforts with local fire departments are upgrading sophisticated emergency response plans to handle chemical spills and releases in their areas of jurisdiction.

Although subject to reporting, common chemicals such as battery acid, ammonia, and fuel oil are frequently overlooked by owners and operators when determining if SARA Title III regulations apply to their facility. Companies have been, and continue to be fined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for failing to report these chemicals.

Released Toxic Chemicals
The TRI, Form R report is a comprehensive annual submittal that documents the use and release of toxic chemicals that are often found in industry. It should be noted, that of all of the annual EPA reports required of industry, the TRI reporting deadline is typically the most aggressively enforced. Traditionally, the Chicago Office of the USEPA is directly involved in widespread enforcement of this regulation.

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