Compliance Audits

What is a Compliance Audit?
Admiral performs environmental compliance audits for management/operational and transactional purposes (e.g., ISO 14000 programs, asset sale, purchase, refinance, etc.). An environmental compliance audit is a confidential review of a facilityís operations and conditions relative to identified applicable regulatory requirements.

Why Do a Compliance Audit?
A quality, well thought out compliance audit enables an organization to better understand its current environmental compliance status and level of risk of non-compliance (if determined) with government regulations. With the exact information needed, a company is well equipped to make informed business decisions to set priorities and actions to achieve compliance.

No Two Audits Are Alike
Because each industrial process and facility is unique, Admiral first plans and then provides a compliance audit that exactly fits the specific request of the client and for any industrial process. Once completed, final reports range from an informal, oral briefing to a written report with or without recommendations.

Why an Admiral Audit?
Key to any compliance audit is its upfront planning and organization and the experience and communication skills of the consultant audit team.

Better Planning
Admiral conducts compliance audits in a wide variety of industrial settings and processes, and Admiral is an expert at designing an audit process that delivers the exact information needed. Weíre able to deliver it cost-effectively with minimal disruption to your facilityís personnel and operations.

More Effective Communications
Because clients are more familiar than Admiral personnel with the specifics of their industrial processes, a key success factor of the audit is the communication and interviewing skills of the consultant audit team. Given the depth and range of Admiralís experience, it is easy for our experts to ask the correct questions, to quickly understand the situation, and then evaluate your current compliance status. Again, saving you time and money.

Practical Recommendations
Based on the auditís findings and our clientís preferences, Admiralís expertise and experience delivers exceptional value when the client requests recommendations. Admiralís compliance solutions take into account the facilityís long-range objectives and plans, the availability and ability of staff to implement solutions, the financial resources of the organization, and possible time frames to attain the desired compliance goal. Our experience can lead to simple and practical suggestions. It is often the case where Admiral, because of its in-depth understanding of applicable regulations, can show that a facility does not need to comply with certain rules. Again, saving our clients money.

For more information regarding compliance audits, please give any one of our experts a call at 847-228-5355.

The Audit Process
Audit Planning
  • Identify audit priorities and goals
  • Gather pre-audit background information
  • Identify special regulatory needs, access issues, safety precautions, key personnel, and procedures
Audit Implementation
  • Review files and records (permitting, reporting, and recordkeeping)
  • Observe facility and process conditions
  • Interview knowledgeable facility personnel
  • Provide oral report of preliminary findings (in person or by phone) and preliminary recommendations (if desired)
  • Provide written letter report, with or without recommendations (as desired)

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